Amezmo Now Offers a 30 Day Free Trial

People often choose to try products before they commit to buying them. Today, we launched a 30 day free trial offer to everyone. The trial doesn’t require a credit card. We believe that by offering an extended length trial period, people will be able to fully understand Amezmo’s product offering.

What is Amezmo?

Amezmo is a Platform as a Service dedicated to PHP. We make it easy for you to instantly spin up fully configured PHP environments for your application.

Does Amezmo Scale?

Once you have created your server instance, you can scale up, or down your instance at anytime. Scaling up or down your instance does not require a reboot.

What is the difference betwen Amezmo and Laravel Forge?

The biggest difference is that Amezmo provides the server infrastructure, while Forge requires you to bring your own cloud. Forge is a great product, but Amezmo is not a clone of Forge. One feature that Amezmo has that Forge also has is Zero-Downtime Deployment.

What Do I Get with the Free Trial?

We’re offering our baseline instance type (512MB) for the free trial. You get all the features available to the other pricing plans. We do not believe in feature locking, so as you scale up, or down, you’ll still have access to the full Amezmo feature set. The only difference between the 512MB plan and the others is Replicated Backups. Throghout our observations, running two instances of the MySQL server on a single 512MB instance required too much memory. Thererfore, 512MB instances will still have Database Backup/Restore, but the process of backing up your data will happen on your master server.

How to get Started

Head on over to and create your account. You don’t need a credit card for our free trial. All you have to do is verify your email, and you’ll be all set to start spinning up your server.