HTTP Metrics For Your PHP Apps

When we host PHP apps on Amezmo, we’re required to provide the domain name of our application. This domain name is by default considered your primary domain name.

Primary domain names are used for gathering HTTP metrics, such as a total requests, total error responses, and average HTTP response time (coming soon). These metrics are powered by HAProxy and Prometheus. We’re really proud to utilize this amazing software to bring you world class metrics.

This is only the beginning. Metrics for your PHP on Amezmo is constantly being iterated on. Based on your feedback, we implement features. So, which feature would like to have next? Tweet @Amezmo and we’ll get in touch.

HTTP Metrics for PHP App Hosting

Metrics shown from the dashboard may not be equal the metrics you may see from Google Analytics (or similar). We measure total HTTP requests, which may mean multiple requests per page view.

Why is this useful?

The most useful HTTP metric on Amezmo, is the number of 4xx and 5xx responses measured over a period of time. From the Overview page, you can filter by a time period and see the number of 400 based HTTP responses, and 500 based responses.

PHP app monitoring

In the future, you will be able to set an alarm based on the number of measured error responses (HTTP responses with a status code >= 500) over a period of time. Perhaps a bad deployment caused a misconfiguration that would result in your app throwing a 501 Internal Server Error response code.

Get a slack notification, or an email to notify you of these errors so you can quickly rollback your code. Amezmo provides a release rollback feature that is atomic, so you don’t have to do a full deployment to switch to a last known good release. And if you need to run database migrations as part of your rollback, you can take advantage of the hooking points that Amezmo provides.

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