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The 4 PHP Developers You Should Follow on Twitter Right Now

PHP continues to evolve from its humble beginnings when Rasmus Lerdorf  started the as a high level wrapper to a set of C binaries that would allow webmasters to manage project websites easier.

Now, 25 years later, PHP has evolved into a powerful OOP language with among other features, Typed Properties, and Attributes. The latter being a more substantial change since the former already existed partially in the form of type hinting.

We checked out some of the top PHP community leaders to gather an update-to-date list of who they are and what they’re doing. In this post, we’ll highlight 4 PHP community leaders and their accomplishments.

Nikita Popov, PHP Internals Leader

Nikita is a core contributor to the PHP runtime. His list of accomplishments is too long for this post, but he is directly responsible for some of the features you’re familiar with. Follow Nikita on Twitter here.

  • Typed properties
  • Arrow Functions
  • Variadic functions

Jonathan Reinink, Creator of Inertia.js

If you’re active in the Laravel community, you must follow Jonathan on Twitter. Jonathan created Inertia.js — a framework for building client-side rendered, single-page apps without the complexity of having to maintain a SPA. He tweets a lot about how to make Laravel applications faster by optimizing your usage of the Eloquent ORM.

Matt Stauffer, Partner at Tighten

If you haven’t heard of JigSaw, check it out now. It’s a static site generator in Laravel Matt made by Tighten. Matt created Onramp to Laravel which helps people hit the ground running with Laravel fast. Follow Matt on Twitter.

Jess Archer, Creator of GiftyDuck

Jess is a full stack web developer with over 15 years of experience. She loves Laravel, Vue, and TailWind. Catch at the 2020 Laracon conference.

This post highlighted a few of the PHP community influencers and leaders of 2020. Here at Amezmo, we love to stay updated with the latest updates and changes to the PHP community and ecosystem. Follow Jess on Twitter.

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