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What’s new in Amezmo this week

Real time deployment statuses

Now, whenever a deployment happens, the Deployments tab will automatically update with the status of your deployment.

Change your Repository

From the Git tab, you can now change your repository. Anytime you change your repository, a new zero-downtime deployment is created. If the repository change fails, rest assured that your site will still be live from the previous successful release.

Changing your repository presents you with the same familiar form that you’ve seen in the initial Git wizard.


Releases are now tracked under the Deployments tab. When a deployment succeeds, a new release is created. You can have up to 4 releases at once.


A long awaited feature requested by our customers and we’re proud to have implemented it. SSH access is available for tunneling MySQL. Securely access your database with an SSH tunnel. Amezmo provides a secure end-to-end tunnel with public-key only authentication.


  • Git Wizard will no longer require re-authentication if a change-branch, or change-repository action fails.
  • Persistent storage directory across deployments. To set your storage directory, go to the Configuration tab.

As always, we’re always listening to feedback and we welcome your thoughts. To get started with Amezmo, sign up for a free, no credit card required, 30 day trial at

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